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Join SACFA by supporting our fundraising efforts. SACFA is committed to extending grant opportunities to organizations that support our mission of providing youth with support for their art based gifts and showing those youth that there are sustainable career opportunities in the arts.  SACFA is continuously donating funds to local arts programs throughout the year.  Donate today to help SACFA make a difference in our community.

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Meet the Executive Director


Marche´ Taylor Templeton

Founder & Executive Director

"Our vision is to bring the fine arts to life for children and families through education, our commitment, partnerships, and support."

Our Story

Support A Cause Foundation – for the arts (“SACFA”) was conceived out of a need for its founder MarchéTempleton to encourage and inspire students to explore enhancing their life through creative arts as she did throughout her journey. As a recording artist and designer from Baltimore, Maryland, art has influenced Mrs. Templeton’s career path and life immensely.  While recording music and designing clothing Mrs. Templeton has interacted with hundreds of other artists in many different industries. Although they all have different artistic mediums, they all share one common thread – creativity. Music engineers & producers, band members, photographers, directors, playwrights, seamstresses, pattern-makers, dancers, painters, sculptors, graphic (UX) designers, computer programmers, and graffiti artists all share the need to form a new creation out of an immaterial concept.

In Baltimore Mrs. Templeton noticed that many schools discontinued their fine arts programs due to tight and in many cases non-existing fine arts budgets. She also noticed that there were many organizations that provided services for underserved communities in Baltimore but not many focused on creating resources and direct services for the fine arts.  As a result of seeing the problem first hand, Mrs. Templeton began to round up the artistic leaders she knew to organize them in a fashion that would provide a realistic solution to the problem.  Mrs. Templeton’s original concept of encouraging and inspiring students’ lives through creative arts materialized into SACFA.

Next Steps...

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